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Who We Are

Suite Excel Collections is committed to providing recovery results that exceed expectations combined with quality customer satisfaction for you and your clients.

Suite Excel Collections' commitment to service begins with over 25 years of experience, advanced debt technology coupled with highly trained collection representatives and paralegals, and the highest standard of customer care.


We have provided collection services for chartered banks, credit unions, finance companies, housing co-operatives, property managers, and various other commercial and retail enterprises.


We are staffed with experienced collectors who are courteous, efficient, and professional. All of our collection agents are bonded and licensed under the respective Provincial Acts and have been subject to a thorough background check.

Our clients also can utilize the additional benefits of our in-house paralegal and litigation staff.


SECCI understands the need to balance the efficient recovery of funds with the security, technology, and quality customer care demanded by our clients.



SECCI uses the Debtmaster Collection System combined with their integrated Call Thru predictive dialer software.



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