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Value Added Services

Value Added Services:


  • Well Trained and Professional Representatives

  • Multilingual Workforce

  • Comprehensive Disaster Recovery and Business Disruption Plan

  • Adherence to PIPEDA/MFIPPA Policy

  • Document Retention Policy

  • Accessibility Compliance

  • On-line Placement of Accounts

  • Green Initiatives

  • Enhanced Data Security

  • Secure on-line access to client reports

Services by Industry:


  • Bank and Credit Union Collections

  • Credit and Charge Cards

  • Residential Rent Collection

  • Retail and Commercial Leasing

  • Commercial Collections

  • Municipal/Provincial Tenders (RFP)

  • Finance Companies and Payday Loans

  • Utilities and Telecommunications

  • Insurance

  • Medical and Professional Services

Affiliations/Professional Memberships:

  • Canadian Society of Collection Agencies

  • London Property Management Assdociation

  • Canadian Federation of Apartments Association

  • Calgary Residential Rental Association

  • Equifax Canada

  • TransUnion Canada

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